I have been the instructor of record for a number of courses at Texas A&M Univesity, including Arthurian literature, medieval literature from Beowulf to Malory, history of the English language, early English drama, rhetoric and composition, technical business writing, and programming for humanists in both traditional classroom settings and online. Click on the course titles below to view sample syllabi.

English 330 – Honors Arthurian Literature, Instructor of Record

An advanced literature course designed to introduce students to the legend of King Arthur and Arthurian literature from its medieval origins to the present.

English 317 – Early British Drama, Instructor of Record

An advanced literature course that explores the history and development of drama in England from the medieval period through the seventeenth century.

English 313 – Honors Medieval English Literature, Instructor of Record

An advanced literature course that focuses on Old and Middle English literature, including such authors and works as Beowulf, The Dream of the Rood, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers Plowman, Malory, Julian of Norwich, Kempe, the mystery plays and the Middle English lyrics.

English 310 – History of the English Language, Instructor of Record

This course provides a historical study of the English language, beginning with a discussion of its Indo-European origins and continuing to the present day. Students will gain knowledge concerning phonological, grammatical, and lexical changes within the language over time, and will examine the social and political conditions related to such changes. The course will focus on the English language in its social context and will ask students to think about language as a dynamic system that changes when it comes into contact with other cultures through migration, war, colonialization, and technological advancements. Students will explore such changes through various literary works in Old, Middle, and Modern English, including passages from Beowulf, Malory, Chaucer, and Shakespeare. Class activities will involve lecture, discussion, and group work.

English 210 – Technical and Business Writing, Instructor of Record

A semester-long course that focuses on writing for professional settings; correspondence and researched reports fundamental to the technical and business workplace—memoranda, business letters, research proposals and presentations, and the use of graphical and document design.

English 203 – Honors Writing About Literature, Instructor of Record

A beginning literature course that introduces students to communicating persuasively about literature for the purpose of enhancing skills in academic and professional communication. This particular section focused on constructions of villains and heroes in texts drawn from a range of historical periods and across multiple genres.

English 104 – Composition and Rhetoric, Instructor of Record

A beginning writing course that offers instruction in the principles of rhetoric and college writing, providing students with foundational critical thinking, research and writing, skills essential for the completion of persuasive essays in view of multiple audience perspectives, and particularly the academic community.

Liberal Arts 689 – Programming for Humanists – Network Visualization

Part of a two-semester course sequence designed to introduce participants to methodologies, coding, and programming languages associated with the Digital Humanities. My section of the course focused on generating network visualizations using Gephi, an open-source interactive platform, which allows users to create maps that highlight relationships and interactions among characters in various literary works.